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Latest Energy Lab News:

  • QOTW: How Can I Incorporate Real Food in Training and Racing, Part 1?

    For our question of the week, we turned to our resident nutritionist, Ilana Katz of Optimal Nutrition for Life. In part 1, she talks about some of the benefits of incorporating real food into your […]

  • Energy Lab Weekend Report: April 8 – 9th

    It was a great weekend for Energy Lab at Florida 70.3! Klo was rewarded with a podium finish in w50-59! Andy had a fantastic pr after all his hard work this winter. Cori didn’t have the race […]

  • When Should I Break Aero When Climbing?

    For long hills with a mild grade or quick up-and-over rollers, you can maintain a faster speed by staying in the aero position. But when and why does it make sense to switch to an upright or standing […]

  • QOTW: Which Matters More- Power, Weight, or Aerodynamics?

    You may have heard long-time cyclists discuss their efforts to make their bike lighter and more aero, geeking out over saved grams of weight in expensive bike parts or the latest aero helmet or water […]

  • Introducing Coach Michelle

    We have other great news to announce. Coach Michelle also just passed her Level I USAT exam and is officially a USA Triathlon Certified Coach! Michelle has already been working with athletes in the […]

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