The Atlanta Triathlon Club and its partners offer a full suite of services to help you achieve your triathlon and endurance related goals.  From fully supported group training for adults and kids to one on one personalized coaching to full service power based indoor cycling.  ATC is here to help you become the best triathlete, cyclist, runner, swimmer….YOU!


Group Training

The Atlanta Triathlon Club Group Training program is designed for athletes of all levels (beginners to advanced) who want to train for triathlons in a group setting.  Our triathlon training program includes group training activities 6-7 times a week year round with up to 10 weekly training sessions available during the regular season.  Read More

The ATC coaching staff consists of individuals who are experienced in the sport and include multiple USA Triathlon, Track & Field, and Cycling certified coaches, a professional triathlete, and numerous age group all americans and winners.

Detailed training schedules and group training sessions are e-mailed weekly and posted on the on-line discussion forum.  Training sessions are broken down into ability based groups to allow you to train with others of similar abilities.  Training locations are convenient to all areas of Atlanta.

Information seminars, hands-on clinics, and performance testing will help you maximize your potential.  We have specific target group races; however, training schedules can be modified for most other races.

The members only forum provides access to valuable training information from club experts and allows members to collaborate on various topics ranging from nutrition advice and injury prevention to alternate training plans and target races.  Club socials and parties, race day tents and activities, and friendly club competitions make ATC not only a great group training program, but a family of athletes working to be their best and have fun.

Various membership options are available to meet any athlete’s needs from $10 to $60 per month.

TriStar Kids Youth Triathlon Program

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The main goal of the ATC kids triathlon program is to provide a safe environment where kids can: (1) have fun, (2) be active and healthy, (3) develop basic physical and social skills, and (4) prepare (mentally and physically) to complete a kids triathlon.  Read More

Monthly membership fees are available and you can join or drop out at any time during this period.  The target age for the program is 6 to 13 years old (exceptions may apply).  The minimum requirements are that each participant must be able to swim (any stroke) one lap in the pool unassisted.  Also, each participant must be able to ride a bike without training wheels.

The program includes:

  • Workouts prepared by USAT Youth and Junior certified coaches
  • 10:1 maximum kids to coach ratio
  • Target kids triathlons with team tent and snacks
  • Kids section on ATC discussion forum
  • Weekly kids program e-mail newsletter
  • Phone and e-mail support for questions
  • New members packet
  • ATC t-shirt, kids water bottle, swim cap, race belt, car magnet, and sticker
  • Team uniforms available for purchase
  • Sponsor discounts

Indoor Cycling at Energy Lab

CycleOps Picture
Indoor power based cycling is offered through our partner Energy Lab.  Energy Lab offers multiple class options throughout the week using your either your own bike and a CompuTrainer OR riding one of their indoor Cycleops cycles.  All equipment measures power output by each rider with metrics displayed throughout the class.Read More

Classes are structured around each athlete’s individual power profile and tailored for progression based on time of year.  Functional threshold power (FTP) testing is offered multiple times a month to track athlete’s performance and establish training zones.

Personalized Coaching

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Personalized triathlon and single sport endurance coaching is offered through our partner Energy Lab.  Personalized coaching is designed for athletes that are looking for a personal touch to design, execute against, and modify as needed a custom training plan to optimize performance within the constraints of their personal schedule.  Read More

Coaching packages include:

  • Long and short-term goal identification and refinement
  • Workouts delivered in weekly blocks via Training Peaks
  • Unlimited schedule adjustments and training modifications (as needed)
  • Help with nutrition plan, execution, and race-day strategy
  • Free ongoing functional threshold power tests and progress reports
  • Access to monthly coached group open water swims during the season
  • Monthly educational seminar (phone or in-person) exclusive to Energy Lab coached clients
  • Ongoing support and contact via phone, email, and/or in person (client initiated)

Private Swim Lessons and Clinics

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Swim coaching is offered by our partner Energy Lab’s professional, experienced swim coaches.  Individual and group lessons are available. Also, discounts are available for a package of 5. You can also sign up for a video swim lesson so you can better visualize recommended adjustments and changes.

And when you bundle multiple services together not only do you GET more but you also SAVE more!  Save 20-30% by bundling one or more services.  Contact us to have your multi-service discount applied.

$ 125

per month
  • Triathlon Membership
  • Unlimited Cycling

$ 125

per month
  • Triathlon Membership
  • TriKids Membership

$ 275

per month
  • Triathlon Membership
  • Personalized Coaching

$ 275

per month
  • Unlimited Cycling
  • Personalized Coaching

$ 325

per month
  • Triathlon Membership
  • Unlimited Cycling
  • Personalized Coaching