Frequently Asked Questions

What triathlon distances do your members train for?

Great question!  We have members training for their first Sprint Triathlon all the way up to Ironman.  The great thing about our program is that all of our workouts are scalable in distance, intensity and duration.  If you are brand new to the sport and want to start out with shorter workouts, that is recommended.  We want to assist everyone in achieving their goals, but our most important priority is keeping members safe and injury free.

I can’t swim, I don’t own a bike, and the only time I run is when I am being chased! Is ATC for me?

ABSOLUTELY!  Every seasoned athlete was a beginner at one point.  ATC welcomes true beginners as well as experienced veterans.  Our swim coaches are used to working with people to get them from the point of non swimmer to swimming comfortably in open water.

If you don’t own a bike, you can start bike training indoors on a stationary bike at Energy Lab. Eventually you will want to purchase your own bike, but you don’t have to have one right away. We have special discounts available only to ATC members at our bike sponsor Podium Multisport.

If you are not a runner yet, it’s ok.  We have members that have completed numerous endurance events walking rather than running.  We would encourage you to come participate and begin walking/running, slowly ramping up your time running to prevent injury.

What stuff do I really need to get started?

For swimming you will need a sports swimsuit and goggles.  For cycling you will eventually need a bike and a helmet, but you can start riding indoors initially at Energy Lab. For running you will need a good pair of running shoes.  Our friends at Podium Multisport have put together a great starter package that covers everything you might need to get started at a very reasonable price.

Where do you train?

ATC trains all over Atlanta and sometimes OTP, too. Please see our training locations map for directions as well as our calendar to see locations and schedule.

Do I need to be in shape to join ATC?

Absolutely not.  Our programs are perfect for someone who wants to challenge themselves to lose weight, build strength and stamina and have fun in a structured group training environment.  We have members of all experience levels and degrees of fitness.  Our workouts are scalable to challenge everyone at their appropriate level.

Do I have to be there every day…or every week for that matter?

All events are 100% optional.  Some members will make it to nearly every group training session while others may only show up on occasion. You need to determine what YOUR goals are for the season and work towards them.  We will be here to help you as much as you want us to.

Can I train for events other than triathlons, like a half or full marathon or bike century, as part of my triathlon training?

Yes!  In fact, you are encouraged to train for these events and you’ll find plenty of company for most of them, too!

I am not a member, can I try out one or more sessions?

Definitely!  We encourage you to come meet our members and coaches.  We offer a free seven day trial membership that you can sign up for.    This will allow you to try out all of our weekly sessions once with no obligation to join.  Gotta warn you though…at the end of the trial period you’re probably gonna want to join us!

I have more questions. Where should I go to get them answered?

Feel free to email us directly from our Contact Page or at Info@AtlantaTriClub.com.  We can also be reached via phone at (470) 588-5282.